Horse Clinic

Are you a horse owner who wants to know how to train your horse? Training a horse requires patience, time, and dedication. But the rewards are incomparable. At Lost Trails Ranch, we can teach you the steps needed to help you build a relationship with your horse while teaching your horse new skills. You may be surprised at how things look and feel when you learn to see the world through your horse’s eyes.

Our Lost Trails Ranch barn has horse stables, feed rooms, tack rooms, a horse loft shed, and a round pen. Our Lost Trails Ranch arena is a royal spectacle, boasting state-of-the-art features such as comfortable seating for spectators, quality sound and lighting systems, and a spacious and well-maintained arena floor that is perfect for various equestrian events.

After completing our horse clinic, you will better equip to build a trusting bond with your horse, making it more receptive to work with you. You will learn positive reinforcement techniques that encourage your horse to perform a new task and will give you the discipline needed to be a patient and consistent horse owner. Please contact our Lost Trails Ranch Hospitality team to schedule a one-on-one horse clinic.