Designed to accommodate large groups of people in shared dorm-style accommodations, the Fireside Lodge is the ideal option for visitors who want to experience the beauty and simplicity of a rural lifestyle, hiking, horseback riding, and nature while enjoying the social aspect of shared amenities and interactions with their guests. Two large dorm rooms for sleeping sit on each side of a communal living area and kitchen.

There are also separate rooms for parents, coaches, or advisors, allowing them to be close to the rest of the group while enjoying their privacy. This is a good option for families looking to have a weekend family reunion celebration and school sports teams looking for a retreat where they can focus and prepare for the next game.


6700 Youth Ranch Road
Mulberry, AR 72947


For those seeking a rustic outdoor experience, the Fireside Lodge is perfect for larger families looking to celebrate a special event outdoors around the fire pit. It also offers hostel-style sleeping arrangements with the following:

  • Four large bunkrooms, each equipped with five bunk beds
  • Locker room-style shared bathrooms and showers
  • Grand masonry double-sided fireplace
  • Two private suites
  • Vaulted ceiling
  • Covered loading/unloading bay
  • Ample outdoor patio seating
  • Kitchen

Our lodges are thoughtfully placed far apart, ensuring you and your family enjoy ample space and privacy. With so much to explore, you may not even realize that other families are staying at the ranch simultaneously. Stay with us at Lost Trails Ranch and enjoy a memorable family hospitality getaway experience.

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