Saddle Up For Adventure: 12 Tips to Help You Have the Best Trail Riding Experience

Saddle Up For Adventure: 12 Tips to Ensure Your Best Trail Riding Experience

Nestled amid the breathtaking landscapes of the Ozarks of Arkansas, our ranch beckons adventurers and horse enthusiasts to embark on an unforgettable trail riding experience. As you step into our equestrian haven, you’ll find yourself embraced by the beauty of the surrounding wilderness and the warm hospitality of our dedicated team. At Lost Trails Ranch in Mulberry, AR, we believe every rider deserves an extraordinary journey on horseback. We are happy to offer these 12 tips to ensure the best trail riding experience possible.

Three majestic horses stand together, gazing curiously towards the viewer. Their shiny coats shimmer in the sunlight, while their manes and tails flow gracefully in the breeze. The brown, black, and white colors of their coats create a striking contrast against the lush green background of the pasture they're standing in. The horses' alert expressions and focused gazes suggest a sense of calm confidence and strength.

Embrace the Freedom of the Open Trail With One of Our Beautiful Horses

12 Tips For Your Best Trail Riding Adventure

We’ve put together a treasure trove of invaluable tips for those eager to get out on the trail. From saddle novices to seasoned riders, our expert advice caters to all, ensuring your trail riding adventure is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

Choosing the Right Horse: Get acquainted with our gentle steeds and find the perfect companion that matches your riding style and experience. During check-in, we will be happy to talk about matching you with the perfect horse for your ride.

Riding Gear Essentials: We will help you get set up with the essential equipment you’ll need for a safe and comfortable journey.

We will be happy to get you set up with the right gear and safety equipment.

Getting Familiar With the Trails: Gain insight into the various trails available at Lost Trails Ranch, each offering a unique blend of natural wonders and surprises. We have extensive trails perfect for riders eight years of age and up.

Riding Etiquette: Learn the unwritten rules of trail riding to ensure a harmonious experience for everyone. For example, don’t tailgate. Try to leave one horse length between horses.

Safety First: Prioritize safety with our expert guidance on handling your horse and navigating the terrain. We highly recommend that all riders wear helmets, and we provide various safety tips during check-in.

Dressing For the Ride: Dress appropriately for the weather conditions, including wearing a hat and using sunscreen. Protect your legs by wearing jeans and your feet by wearing boots or other shoes that are not open.

Building a Bond: Understand the importance of connecting with your horse and fostering a trusting partnership. You may be surprised at how well horses communicate with humans and the bond you will establish with your horse.

Riding Techniques: Polish your riding skills and learn techniques to handle your horse on the trails confidently. Your guide will be happy to help you improve your skills and offer suggestions along the way.

Being Mindful of Nature: Find solace in the serenity of nature as you disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and embrace the tranquil environment. Set your cell phone on silent and focus on rejuvenating yourself.

Capturing Memories: Review a few tips for taking stunning photographs that immortalize your journey through the Ozarks of Arkansas. We will be happy to stop a few times along the trail to snap some pictures.


There will be plenty of opportunities along the way to capture stunning photographs of nature.

Hydration and Snacks: Stay energized and hydrated during your ride. We will happily offer suggestions on what you should bring when you book your trail ride. Also, we are proud to have an onsite restaurant where you have lunch or dinner before or after your ride.

Pacing Your Ride: Learn to pace yourself and your horse for an enjoyable and comfortable experience. With mixed-level group rides, we usually put an experienced rider in the lead and another at the end. After meeting your group and seeing everyone’s experience level, we will organize accordingly.

Standing beside a majestic horse, exuding a sense of strength and companionship

Immerse Yourself in Equine Connections: Discover Unforgettable Moments Interacting With Our Majestic Horses at Lost Trails Ranch

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So, saddle up and get ready to explore the uncharted beauty of Lost Trails Ranch in Mulberry, AR. We can’t wait to have you out to the ranch for the best trail riding experience of your life! Contact our hospitality team today to schedule your trail riding adventure and to learn more about our offerings.

Written by Taiye

Wednesday, Jul 26

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