Horseback Riding Like an Expert: Tips for First-Time Riders at Lost Trails Ranch

Tips For First-Time Riders at Lost Trails Ranch

It is only natural to feel slightly nervous while thinking about going horseback riding for the first time. You are about to ride a large and strong animal. While it is understandable to feel this way, we want you to feel more excitement than nerves when you visit Lost Trails Ranch in Mulberry, Arkansas, to ride for the first time. That’s why we want to help you with these tips so that you can look and feel like an expert when you get in the saddle.

To ease your mind, you should know all riders at our ranch will be guided by trained professionals who will give you the reassurance and support you need to feel comfortable and safe. You will get personal feedback from the moment when you meet the horse you will ride until we return from the trail and you say goodbye to your new equine friend.

Choose the Right Clothing

While our property allows you to relax in many areas while wearing sandals, shorts, or skirts, these items are inappropriate for your first horseback riding trip. Proper footwear is essential, and we recommend low-heeled boots no higher than 1 to 1.5 inches to prevent your feet from slipping through the stirrups. However, most close-toed shoes will suffice.

Woman riding a black horse wearing shorts and boots

Enjoying a beautiful day for a ride! Feeling free and adventurous on my trusty steed

For your safety and comfort, we advise wearing long pants to protect your legs while in the saddle. It’s best to avoid accessories such as long scarves and purses that can become entangled in the reins or get caught on trees and bushes along the trail. Finally, we highly recommend wearing helmets.

Establish a Good Relationship With Your Horse

Horses are living, breathing animals. They have emotions too. Start on the right foot by establishing a good relationship with your horse when you meet him. Be confident and greet him by extending your arm and allowing the horse to smell or touch your hand with its nose. We would be happy to teach you the horseman’s handshake.

Middle-aged man gently caressing a horse's face

There’s nothing quite like the bond between a person and their horse. Spending time with these gentle giants is good for the soul.

While you might feel slightly nervous, confidently mounting the horse is important. Our guides will gladly give detailed instructions when you visit the ranch. We usually recommend lifting your left foot into the stirrup, holding the reins in your left hand, and propelling yourself with your right leg. You can put your hands on the horse’s back for balance but don’t want to push down on him with your arms.

What to Know About the Saddle and Reins

Most of the saddles here at Lost Trails Ranch have a horn you can hold onto. But you don’t want to count on it to maintain balance. Extending your legs and adjusting your posture will help if you feel unstable.

Three horse riding saddles on display

Ready for some riding! Our selection of saddles is perfect for every type of horseback riding adventure

With Western riding, both reins are held in one hand, whichever is most comfortable for you. Keep your arms relaxed and hold the reins gently. You will use the reins to steer. You can direct your horse to the left by moving the reins to the left and vice versa.

Keep Your Eyes on the Trail

While it can be tempting to stare down at the beautiful horse you are riding, try not to fix your gaze on him. You want to look ahead right through the horse’s ears.

Scenic horse trail surrounded by trees

Enjoy the breathtaking views on our scenic horse trail, the perfect way to experience the beauty of nature on horseback.

It’s kind of like keeping your eyes on the road when driving a car. Keeping site of the trail ahead and maintaining good posture will ensure a safe and fun first-time horseback riding experience.

Schedule Your First Horseback Riding Experience Today

We are excited to share our love of horseback riding with all visitors to our ranch. Our hospitality team is happy to answer your questions about our horses, trails, and riding experiences. Contact us at Lost Trails Ranch today to learn more and schedule one of the most memorable activities you will ever engage in!

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Written by Taiye

Monday, May 08

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