Horse Bonding

At Lost Trails Ranch, we are honored to offer equine-assisted bonding to tap into nature’s healing power.
This holistic form of treatment utilizes the unique bond between humans and horses to promote emotional, physical, and cognitive well-being.

Through our horse bonding program, led by our ranch foreman, Brad Joyce, individuals have the opportunity to experience the following benefits:


  • Emotional balance: The calming presence of horses can help reduce stress and anxiety while promoting self-confidence and social skills.
  • Spiritual connection: Horse bonding provides a sense of community and support, fostering a connection with nature and the natural world.

Our horse bonding program is suitable for individuals with various conditions, including learning difficulties, mental health disorders, and physical and developmental disabilities.

If you are interested in experiencing the healing power of horse bonding, please contact our Lost Trails Hospitality team to learn more.