From Adventure to Relaxation: Six Reasons to Plan a Ranch Vacation

Unforgettable Ranch Vacations at Lost Trails Ranch: Experience Beauty, Bonding, and Adventure

Ranch vacations are the best! Of course, we are a little biased here at Lost Trails Ranch in Mulberry, AR. While it would be easy to list hundreds of reasons for planning ranch vacations, we have narrowed this list down to six of our favorites.

Take Pleasure in the Exquisite Beauty That Surrounds You

On a ranch vacation, you get to immerse yourself in the beauty of your surroundings as you relish the opportunity to spend time outdoors. Delight in the mesmerizing views of the landscape and beautiful sunrises and sunsets, whether you’re on a trail ride, hiking, or simply enjoying a moment on the porch.


Immerse yourself in the tranquility of cascading bliss.

Indulge in Relaxation

Experience the unique sense of time on a ranch, where you have the freedom to indulge in relaxation and leisure. Take the opportunity to go hiking, read a captivating book, savor a leisurely dinner, or engage in a game of cards with friends. Rediscover the simple joys and activities that often elude us in our hectic daily routines. On a ranch, carving out a moment for yourself becomes effortlessly attainable.

Create Unique Bonds

Over the course of a few days at a ranch, a remarkable phenomenon unfolds – a multitude of unique bonds are forged. You develop a profound connection with your horse, understanding its personality. The intimate environment of the ranch facilitates the opportunity to acquaint yourself with fellow guests and become friends with the staff. For those embarking on corporate retreats, strong relationships are cultivated among team members, fostering a sense of camaraderie. And families create unforgettable memories together.

Dare to Challenge Yourself

Embrace the chance to push your limits and venture beyond your comfort zone during a ranch vacation. Unleash your inner adventurer by fulfilling long-held desires like horseback riding or mastering the art of roping. This is your golden opportunity to explore new horizons and potentially check off items from your bucket list.

Top-Notch Food Experiences

Indulge in a never-ending feast during your ranch vacation. From satisfying breakfasts to trailside lunches to hearty dinners, there’s a culinary delight to suit everyone’s tastes. Ranches hold their food in as high regard as their beloved horses, ensuring a remarkable dining experience. Whether you’re celebrating a significant milestone like an anniversary or a family reunion, ranches offer the perfect backdrop. While the surroundings may exude rustic charm, the menu is nothing short of exceptional. Of course, you should always leave room for dessert!

steaks on grill

Savoring the flavors of the ranch: A culinary journey like no other.

Unforgettable Interactions With Horses

From the very first interaction, the ranch owners’ deep devotion to their horses and the ranch shines through. They carefully pair each rider with the perfect horse, considering factors such as personality, comfort level, and preferred riding style. Every horse has a fascinating tale to tell, so make sure to talk with one of the knowledgeable cowboys to uncover the captivating biography of your equine companion.

A woman stands next to a majestic horse in a green field, with trees and blue sky in the background. The woman wears boots and a jeans, with both hands in her pocketin her back to the camera. The horse is pale with a might mane and tail, and looks calm and friendly.

Enjoying a peaceful moment with an equine friend in the great outdoors.

Experience These Benefits and More

You are warmly invited to experience the benefits mentioned above and many more when you visit us here at Lost Trails Ranch. You will meet our amazing horses, enjoy comfortable and modern lodging, engage in various activities, and enjoy delicious food. Contact our hospitality team today to learn more about scheduling time at our ranch for your next family reunion, corporate retreat, or another event.

Written by Taiye

Friday, Jun 30

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