Foothills Lodge

We are excited to show you our luxurious executive hospitality accommodations and relaxing lodges. Whether you are visiting us as part of a company retreat, to receive a continued education course, or looking for a weekend getaway for you and your family, we have the right rooming style for you.


7088 Youth Ranch Road
Mulberry, AR 72947

Foothills Lodge

18 guests, 8 rooms, 10 beds, 9 bathrooms

The Foothills Lodge at Lost Trails Ranch offers the following amenities.

The lodge features one suite with:

    • 1 master bedroom with a bathroom
    • 2 two-person bedrooms
    • 1 full bathroom
    • 1 full kitchen
    • 1 fully furnished living room
    • Private entrance and exit

Additionally, the lodge has one suite with:

    • 1 master bedroom
    • 1 full kitchen
    • 1 fully furnished living room
    • 1 full bathroom

There are also six single hotel-style rooms, each equipped with:

    • Sleeping area
    • Closet
    • Full bathroom

The common areas at the lodge include:

  • A fully furnished kitchen
  • Large foyer and common area for dining, entertaining, playing games, or holding special events
  • Indoor porch with large windows offering a beautiful view of the grounds

At Lost Trails Ranch, you can expect well-appointed lodges that cater to your needs, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable stay in a serene and picturesque setting.