Education Center

Professional Development

This space is perfect for professional development training, special interest lectures or classes, crafting classes, educational seminars, continuing education, leadership meetings, or other industry-specific instruction. We’re proud to have hosted teacher workshops and photography courses and we look forward to helping meet your group’s needs too.


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Our Education Center includes three classrooms (capacity of 15 – 30 people each), up to four break out rooms, and an available boardroom which overlooks a beautiful stretch of the ranch with a large pond in the distance.


We have excellent fiber optic internet, a smart TV available to reserve, and a variety of useful components should you need them.


We’re happy to offer our beverage service including coffee, hot teas, and water bottles for your meeting.

Designed by experts in the education field

Our facilities have been crafted with learners and instructors in mind. The Westwood wing includes offices for coaches and instructors, a tech lab, and three large classrooms. Additionally, the Eastwood wing offers ample classroom space for learners and instructors with comfortable seating, modern audiovisual equipment, and access to a computer lab.



Manes & Canvases

May 11th 2024 8:00am – 4:00pm

Learn the art of capturing stunning images of horses and people by joining our beginner class. Presented by a portrait photographer and a seasoned horseman. This seminar will happen on location at a horse ranch with the opportunity for extended stays to practice what you have learned in the workshop. You’ll discover how to elevate your sessions by using an assistant, helping them to understand basic photography skills, and implementing proper horse techniques – all while ensuring everyone’s safety. Thus, it helps to understand a team approach to horse and human portraiture. Our ultimate goal is for you to create a beautiful canvas wall portrait. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your photography techniques and take your shots to the next level!

Teenage wall portrait

May 18th 2024 9:00am – 5:00pm

Explore the artful blend of innocence and emerging identity in our exclusive Teenage Wall Portraiture workshop. This unique hands-on experience teaches a fine art approach that ventures beyond traditional portraiture, designed to capture the elusive charm of subjects aged fifteen and sixteen. Participants will discover how to draw inspiration from the transitions of adolescence, harnessing natural and studio lighting techniques to elevate their portraiture to a fine art standard. Neutral density and portable lighting will be included. Set against the picturesque backdrop of the Boston Mountains in Arkansas, our workshop also includes on-location sessions that utilize the scenery to complement the youthful spirit of the models. You’ll learn to create captivating portraits in the studio or environmental locations. This is a great follow-up session from our Horses & Canvas session. Local lodging arrangements are recommended to maximize the workshop experience.


Manes & Canvas

September 16th 2023

Adobe LightRoom Classic

“Start to FInish” fast

July 29th or August 26th 2023

Our Facilities

Our facilities provide an ideal environment for various courses or programs, including professional development training in management, leadership, and industry-specific skills. Our computer and A/V technology enhance the learning experience and enable learners to stay current with their field’s latest tools and techniques.

We have created an environment conducive to learning, with good lighting, a pleasant atmosphere, and comfortable seating. At Lost Trails Ranch, we are confident that our Education Center is the perfect environment to encourage collaboration and teamwork while fostering learning and personal growth for your employees and salespeople. Contact our hospitality department today to learn more about how our facilities can benefit your organization.


Specialized Support for

  • Architects and Engineers
  • Physicians
  • Photography
  • Concrete Construction