Equine Marvels: Discover 12 Incredible Facts About Horses

Discover 12 Incredible Facts About Horses at Lost Trails Ranch

The more time we spend with horses here at Lost Trails Ranch in Mulberry, AR, the more we witness our horses’ fascinating personalities and quirks. We have compiled a few of our favorite fun and fascinating facts about horses. We love promoting the incredible nature of horses and want to ensure they receive the recognition they truly deserve!

12 Incredible Facts About Horses

1. Horses love to communicate! They talk to each other and to us through body language, facial expressions, and vocalization. For example, a whinny can indicate they are happy to get a snack. However, its length and tone can also communicate that the horse is unhappy about something.

horse eye

Windows to the Soul: A Horse’s Eyes Speak Volumes, Reflecting Their Deepest Emotions

2. Horses have some of the biggest eyes of all mammals. They can see over 300° because of where their eyes are positioned. However, they have two blind spots, directly in front of their nose and right behind their rump.

3. Horses have great memories. Horses can remember things they learned years ago without any type of refresher. They can also remember people too!

4. A horse with pink skin can get a sunburn.

5. They have great hearing. In fact, with higher frequencies, they can hear better than humans. However, with low-frequency sounds, their hearing is not as good as in humans.

6. They make a lot of saliva. In fact, they can produce around 10 gallons of it every day.

7. Lavender can calm horses down. Its scent can lower their heart rate and make them feel more relaxed.

8. Did you know horses have a sweet tooth? They love sweet treats like carrots, apples, cantaloupe, strawberries, and bananas. But they usually reject anything better or sour.

9. Horses can sleep while standing up and lying down. It is most common for them to take naps while standing up, which they usually do several times a day. They usually get one to three hours of deep sleep each day while lying down.

10. Baby horses, foals, can stand up just a few hours after they are born. They can run just 24 hours later.

young horse

The Miracles of New Life: Foals Find Their Legs Just Hours After Birth

11. Horses can recognize human emotions. They know when you’re feeling happy or sad. They can even remember how you were feeling when they saw you last. Be calm and gentle every time you meet a new horse friend!

12. Have you ever seen a horse with a mustache? Some hairy breeds can grow them.

Witness Some of These Incredible Facts at Lost Trails Ranch

Standing beside a majestic horse, exuding a sense of strength and companionship

Immerse Yourself in Equine Connections: Discover Unforgettable Moments Interacting with Our Majestic Horses at Lost Trails Ranch

Horses have fascinating and complex lives. We warmly invite you to Lost Trails Ranch, where you can interact with our horses through horse bonding and trail riding. Our guests under eight years of age can enjoy our Cowboy Corner, where they can pet ponies and learn more amazing horse facts. Contact our hospitality team today to learn more.




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Written by Taiye

Friday, Jul 07

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