Capturing the Scene

I love sitting on my back porch swing. The view from here is one of several that overlook the “big lake” (lovingly thought of by me as our own little Lake of Shining Waters for the fellow Anne of Green Gables fans). Across the view, we’ve enjoyed watching a groundhog amble, deer graze, beavers splash, and a blue heron perch and soar, among the more frequent sightings of squirrels and rabbits darting about the tree lines.

I love how the trees tower and the scent of pine can waft strongly through the air when the wind blows- and no word is more perfectly suited to describe the sound, though perhaps cliché, than whispering. The whispering pines. And cedars -and underbrush… our boys will keep us rooted to the reality and labor in clearing trails and views so that we don’t romanticize daily living around here (at least not too much).

It’s growing season on the ranch and life is blooming. Grass, wildflowers, blackberries… the color is coming back, and we can’t wait to show you! We have a special day of photography happening next Saturday to capture spring’s beauty. The pictures will surely be stunning but we hope you plan to come to see them for yourself!

Written by ProDesiAccess

Wednesday, Apr 19

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