Beloved Horse Breeds Known For Their Calm Temperaments

Beloved Horse Breeds Known For Their Calm Temperaments

Trail riding here at Lost Trails Ranch in Mulberry, Arkansas, is fun for beginners and experienced riders. We are excited to welcome visitors to our ranch, introduce them to our horses, and get them out on the trails.

Something we have noticed is that horses, like people, have different personalities. While there are no guarantees when it comes to temperament since each horse is an individual, it is possible to categorize some breeds. Here are some of the calmest horse breeds.

A woman gently interacting with a calm horse, forming a peaceful connection.

A harmonious bond with a gentle giant, radiating serenity and trust.


No Drama, Gentle Giants

American Quarter Horse: This is the most popular horse breed in the world. They are known for their versatility and calm temperament. With an American Quarter Horse, you can ride all day, easily switch from English to Western at shows, or completely change disciplines. It is common for people new to horses to enjoy starting with the American Quarter Horse. They take care of their riders since they know their job and perform it well.

Morgan Horse: The Morgan horse has helped form many of the horse breeds that are beloved today, and for this reason, they are often referred to as “America’s first breed.” These calm and versatile horses can be found working cattle, at competitive driving events, out on the trail, and in many other places. Morgan horses are often looked to as “heart” horses because they quickly become best friends with those they bond with. They are beautiful, majestic, and eager to check out new things.

Appaloosa Horses: This is another versatile and calm horse breed. And they have several things that are unique to them. Learning more about this gentle giant allows you to connect with history. These horses were bred and raised in the Northwest by the Nez Perce Indian tribe. These excellent horsemen used the Appaloosa to move around the plains and hunt buffalo. Many of the horses have spots and colorful patterns. Their kind temperaments and calm personalities have made them a popular choice for teaching kids and young adults to ride and love horses. They are also lots of fun! They have a lot of character and personality.

Norwegian Fjord: This beautiful breed is beloved for its roached tan and black mane, dorsal stripe, and endearing and sweet personality. Their calm and willing demeanor has led to them being used for therapeutic riding programs where calmness is critical. People are also drawn to this horse because of its ability to hustle when a job demands it. In addition to their calm personalities, Norwegian Fjords are also great for people who are worried about falling. They will be a little closer to the ground with this stout horse.

Enjoy a Calm and Relaxing Day at Lost Trails Ranch

We want to match the personalities of our horses with the guests who visit our ranch for trail riding. For those looking for a day of relaxation and self-discovery, trail riding with a calm horse is just what you need. Contact our hospitality team now to learn more about our trails and riding experiences.


Written by Taiye

Monday, Jun 05

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