Lost Trails Ranch, located in beautiful Mulberry, Arkansas, is situated on over 250 acres of pristine countryside and has been created to escape the stresses and anxieties of modern life. While cell reception may be limited in certain parts of the ranch, the great memories you make here will last a lifetime. Whether participating in a cattle drive, learning new equestrian skills, or simply enjoying the beauty of nature, Lost Trails Ranch is a place where you can truly unplug and reconnect with what matters most. So don’t worry about your phone–just grab your boots and prepare for an adventure you’ll never forget. No one will interrupt your stay as you stroll our property on foot or horseback. You will breathe fresh air, see beautiful scenery, and get lost in peaceful surroundings designed to help clear your mind.



“Mr. Barnes understands the horse, the cow, and reins like no one I have ever met”

Mr. Barnes started cowboying cattle feedlots in Kansas and Colorado in his twenties. Doug was in the saddle well before that, though, Buying, selling & training horses for decades. His involvement has not been from a distance, from a truck or an office, giving him the experience needed to size up the weight and health of cattle or horses at a glance. He’s a ‘Cowboy’s Auctioneer’ with work experience that builds confidence in what he sells. Doug’s expertise works for you, whether you are the buyer or the seller.

He has a silent professionalism, Doug is not a big talker, but he will break the silence with a good story at a moment’s request. In the ring, when the gavel first hits, he has well-placed wit guaranteed to energize & entertain us, the auction audience.

Our featured auctioneer

It seems like Doug Barnes has inherited the call of auctioneering. His great uncles were widely known in the dairy business in the state of Kansas. His grandfather, Neill R. George set out on his own as an order buyer & auctioneer. He is still spoken of in many auction barns in parts of Oklahoma & Kansas for his grit of a call and dry humor in livestock and estate auctions. He called in many places like Dodge City and Waverly, KS. On the outside of his barn in the early 50’s he boasted “Some are Larger, But None are Better”

On the other side of the family tree, Mr. Barnes had J.P. Gutellus, president of International Association of Auctioneers. Owner of an auction school. Author of a book that seems like it was written yesterday, but has a copyright of 1922, devoted exclusively to the trade.