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Our guests are looking for a great experience and we take seriously our work in providing that. If you’re here for an arena event, a celebration dinner, or a place to rest yourself and your horse, we want you to know you’re valued and appreciated. Welcome to Lost Trails Ranch.


Trust & Integrity: We strive to be morally grounded in our actions and how we treat people.
Teamwork: Do what you can, learn what you need, help others along the way
Resourceful: We welcome creative problem solving and value versatile skills
Humility: Recognize there is something that everyone can teach us.
Courageous: Take appropriate risks
Disciplined: We are grow in structure, discipline, and efficiency.


There’s an old adage that the only constant in life is change and we saw this truth unfold in our lives when we decided to sell our family home of more than a dozen years and tackle a new adventure. Our plan was to downscale from our one house on a few mostly cleared acres. We just needed a simple place to live with a few more trees until ready to build. A simple phone call rerouted our plans.

The spot we were interested in included a duplex and 70 acres- far more than anticipated. “They want to sell all of that?!” we asked surprised by the realtor’s information. Wheels were set in motion, a spark was ignited, a seed was planted… life was changing.

We’re now learning to tame what was once an abandoned ranch- it’s beauty shrouded by overgrown vines and a fair amount of neglect but still clearly visible. Our days are now filled with repairing and maintaining buildings; mowing, clearing, and cutting trails into the land; trying our hand at caring for a couple of horses and a few goats; and any number of daily tasks that go into getting the gears to turn as we start this hospitality ranch in the beautiful foothills of northwest Arkansas.

We’ve had some hard lessons along the way and enough wins and support from family and friends to encourage us to keep going. We’ve met some wonderful people and look forward to more to come. If ever there is a slogan our family can claim through theses experiences, its this: “We’re learning everyday!”

Hospitality is a gift no matter where you find it but we kind of like to brag about it down in the South. We invite you to come see how we’re doing and put us to the test!


Melanie Carlson

Melanie Carlson


Doug Carlson

Doug Carlson




Take Exit 12 onto Dean Springs Road. Continue East on Dean Springs Rd for 3.9 mi. Turn right on Ridge Rd. Continue on Ridge Road for 2.0 mi. Turn left on S Graphic Dr. Continue on S Graphic Dr for 0.8 mi. Turn right on Old Graphic Rd. Continue East on Old Graphic Rd for 1.3 mi. Turn right into the Ranch entrance.


Take exit 20 toward Dyer, Mulberry. Head North onto Georgia Ridge Dr. Continue on Georgie Ridge Dr for 3.7 mi and take a right onto Ridge Rd. Continue on Ridge Rd for 2.1 mi and turn left onto S Graphic Dr. Continue on S Graphic Dr for 0.8 mi and take a right onto Old Graphic Rd. Continue on Old Graphic Rd for 1.3 mi and turn right into the Ranch entrance.


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